Mum’s Home Office: Problems with Damp?

Bed wetting is a difficult issue for parent and child alike. Not only do you have to face the daily grind of sheet washing, you also start worrying if there is something wrong. Actually, bed wetting happens very commonly with most girls only being dry by the age of six, and boys by the age of seven. At the age of ten,  one in twenty children are still wetting the bed. So, how do you minimise stress and embarrassed to everyone?I’ve been trialling a few mattress protectors to see which ones are most effective. We’ve been using Brollysheets, Hippychick Mattress Protectors, and a regular terry/plastic fitted sheet from our local linen store.

Red_kids.jpgBrollysheets (left) are what you might also call a draw-sheet. They are made of several layers of soft quilted fabric and waterproofing, with tuck in flaps. They are soft to feel and have no plastic-y scrunch!

The Hippychick mattress protector (right) is made of soft brushed cotton and feels lovely – you’d be very happy to put your child to sleep on it. Mattress Protector (Double)

I tried out various combinations and felt that whichever option you went for, it was as well to have the traditional mattress protector underneath – a multi-layered approach seems to be the key to easy-to-change bedding. My bedwetter could quite easily turn round in the night and wee in a place that the Brollysheet didn’t cover. I had a small Hippychick mattress protector and a regular single Brollysheet would advise ordering a size larger than you might think to get maximum coverage. Both wash well and dry quickly and are much easier than changing the whole bed, so do check them out if your heart sinks every morning at another load of bedding to wash.

If you have an older child who is continuing to wet, readThe Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee. It is an inspirational story from Sarah Silverman which will help you see all sides of the experience. The comedian is sometimes confrontational in her live shows but this book gives a brave insight into a very personal problem.

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