Family Friendly Minnow beats multinationals in Top Employer Award

A small PR company has beaten off major multinationals to win Best Recruitment Policy award from leading charity Working Families which campaigns for better working conditions. Stoke-based Plinkfizz won thanks to its excellent family-friendly working practices. It beat off fierce competition for this highly-regarded, prestigious award from Nationwide, ITV and Castlebeck.Plinkfizz, based at Albion Street, Hanley, is a growing marketing communications business with an impressive client base. It has doubled its turnover in the last 12 months to top £1/2 million all the while actively promoting family friendly and part-time working for its nine employees. Plinkfizz has three women directors who have chosen to put their families first – but not at the expense of a successful and satisfying career.

Plinkfizz founder and Managing Director Julie Grant says: “Our success proves there is no need to compromise – you can be flexible and successful. In fact if you get the right people and give employees the best possible work/life balance, you achieve greater things because you get much deeper loyalty and commitment. So there’s a very strong business case for operating the way we do. I just wish other companies – large, small and medium – would realise this!

“It’s the easiest thing in the world to have good work/life balance policies. Any company can do that. But it’s quite another to actively recruit on that basis, which we do here at Plinkfizz. And that’s why we won. This top campaigning organisation has recognised that despite our tiny size – compared to the companies we were up against – we make a real and genuine effort to be flexible and family friendly.”

Plinkfizz has a host of high-profile clients including Emma Bridgewater, Steelite, Dudson, Merchant Cash Express, the British Ceramic Confederation, North Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce, Staffordshire Police, Staffordshire University and Stoke-on-Trent City Council.

The ‘more to life than work’ ethos is applied to all staff – not just those with children. Far from impacting on the business it ensures Plinkfizz attracts the best people with the highest degree of commitment.

“We search for the right people and consult with them about what working arrangements will make them happiest. Our working patterns are tailored to meet individual needs,” added Julie Grant.

To achieve success in such a highly competitive market but on its own terms is what marks Plinkfizz out as a progressive, forward-thinking company geared to the changing needs of the business environment in the 21st century.

As the business continues to grow, Plinkfizz anticipates attracting more like-minded staff – people with ambition and vast experience but who make no apologies for wanting to live a full, guilt-free and rounded life.

Plinkfizz received its much-coveted Top Employer award from Working Families at a gala luncheon in central London on Tuesday October 19th.

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