Teaching Your Teen About Money?

If you have a teenager, you might be struggling to think how to get them to manage their money. It’s no longer possible to ‘teach’ your teen about the value of money: it is something that they have to work out for themselves. But if you have been hit by a massive mobile bill from  a chatty child or have seen then fritter their money away at the shops, you may be worrying that ‘learning about money’ is expensive when it is your money that they are using to learn! Read on to find out about a new online game which could help.

56 Sage Street is a free game from Barclays. It is aimed at 13 to 20-year-olds and playing will encourage them to think more about the way they work, spend, and save their money. Done in a point-and-click adventure game style, with more than an sprinkling of Grand Theft Auto (without the violence), it’s  getting a positive reception already.

I tried it out and found it simple and fun to buy food – which you need to do so you can gain energy and then earn money! You can help the needy to gain reputation points and may find that some work opportunities are closed to you as you lack suitable clothing! Earn more money to buy smart clothes and you can apply again for the vacancy … which means you can earn again. There are places to spend your money on DVDs or nights out, and you can share your progress with your friends on Facebook.

The slogan, How Does Someone With Nothing … End Up With Everything might give your teen the idea that this is going to be some sort of X-Factor rags to riches kind of game, but it looks like there will be alot of slogging, buying meals and making choices before you reach the end of 56 Sage Street.
Check out the video and leave it up on the computer one evening to see what your teen makes of it!

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