A work at home mum and half-term

If you’re work from home mum, how has the half-term gone for you this week? I’ve got three children and only the eldest is at school, however I’ve found it hard to get work done this week with all three of them around.

I had a plan to get organised before this half-term, I was going to put the hours in to get some work done in advance. This would have meant having to work slightly fewer hours during half-term week. However plans like that don’t always work out. The week before half-term my eldest had a stomach bug which I then caught and my husband caught. Once we’d all recovered I wasn’t only behind with work but I was also behind with all the washing, ironing, housework, everything.

I spent most of half-term trying to catch up with myself as well as keep the children entertained. I managed it and I didn’t miss a deadline but I had to work quite a bit in the evenings and by the end of the week I was exhausted!

Some of my friends who work from home used holiday clubs this week for their children which worked very well. That’s something I could think about for the future. However once I start paying for childcare my overall earnings are lower. It’s a dilemma most mums face. And then there’s the guilt that you should  be doing something creative with your children during half-term instead of trying to squeeze in work here and there when they manage to occupy themselves.

I have an idea that I’ll be really organised during the next school holidays and I’ll divide up my time perfectly between my work and the family. And I’ll get some work done in advance too. I’ll do my best but we all know even the very best plans don’t always work out!

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