Mumsclub announces National Business Mum Survey

Womens enterprise day 2010, sees the launch of a new survey to generate valuable facts and figures from which to build a campaign to increase support for working mums.The National Mumpreneur Census will build data and facilitate a full report on this growing population. It is organised by MumsClub which was established in 2007 to provide much needed support for other mums. Award winning MumsClub is now the UK’s leading networking organisation for mums in businesses with an online membership base of 2,000 plus 25 regional networking groups.

Jane Hopkins from mumsclub, says “Being self employed is the perfect way to combine family life with generating a second income. Women now have the freedom to get paid to do something they love. A home business is great for household finances, great for self esteem, great for work-life balance and provides a child friendly environment to make it happen.”

Previous surveys have shown that working mums are on the increase with mum owned businesses in 2008 contributing £4.4billion to the economy. No longer are women content with being stay at home mums, mums want a life of their own, as multi-taskers in the extreme, adept at juggling the family, house and home, as well as business.

All women who already juggle family life with business or are thinking of starting ac business are encouraged to take part in this survey. Prizes are being awarded for every 100th person who contributes. Prizes so far include t-shirts, jewellery, books, diaries, note books and diary from organised mum.

Supporters of the survey include Carolyn Currie from NatWest Bank, Author of the Mumpreneur Guide Antonia Chitty, Lucy Smith from Start ups, Nicky Chisholm, founder of Mums in Biz.

Take the survey:

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