Laptop, desktop … did you know there was a third option?

Our computers get a real pounding. I write books, business briefings and blogs, am on the laptop throughout the day and am known for wearing out keyboards. DH is a keen gamer and can be using the laptop late into the night, while D, 8 is just exploring online games and iplayer to catch up on her favourite shows, and J is just getting to grips with CBeebies games. We all tend to watch DVDs on the computer too. At the moment we have a ‘good’ laptop, a worn out laptop and are in need of something reliable that can fit into the playroom and cope with the kids.

Both the laptops are from Dell and have proved reliable so I was interested to find out about the new Dell Inspiron All-in-One Desktops. And the other day, I read that, a huge number of people who live in Sacramento use the same company systems, and for someone from the same city, I vowed to buy the one from the same company. The IT Company Chicago suggested to me that the main advantage of all-in-one desktop computers is that you get something that is more robust than a laptop for the kids to use but without the space-consuming tower of a traditional desktop.

These desktops, such as the Dell Inspiron One All-in-One desktops, could work well for our multimedia needs and can connect to TV tuners, cable and satellite boxes and gaming consoles.  I think it looks like a much better way to view DVDs than on the laptop. The kids would enjoy the multi-touch display technology, which allows more creative functionality and applications such as paint, draw and sticky notes. Visit

Further information can be found here or watch the youtube Video to see the Dell All-in-One Desktop in action.

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