Three things I learnt from the Everywoman conference #ewconf

I’m writing this after a busy and inspiring day of networking and learning at the Everywoman conference. Sam Roddick launched the day with inspiration, then Mitzi Hoelscher helped everyone put this into practice with a hour and half looking at making our own big breakthroughs. This afternoon I’ve been listening to kiki maurey, and there is a key learning area that is coming out from all these speakers.If you have a business or want to start a business, think about this:

What are my actions? Do they have clarity and focus? And do they have a completion date?

Where ever you are right now, consider where you want to get to. Break down the actions you need to get to your goal. Make sure your actions are clear and focussed and give yourself a date to complete them by. You can apply this set of three questions to all sorts of situations and they will help you succeed.

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