Another way to earn from home

Find out more on you have a blog or are thinking about starting to blog, here is a great way to start your blog earning you money.

While most bloggers write for the love of it, it is useful to also cover the costs of hosting and any technical support you might need. Beyond that you might want to think about all the different ways you could start earning from your blog: we list some here on the ACEInspire blog.

For a while I have been writing sponsored blog posts for ebuzzing. This is very easy to do and allows you to earn £30 or £40 for writing a sponsored post. You don’t have to always write positively about brands: you have total control over your content at all times. There is no pressure to sign up for campaigns that don’t appeal to you or your readers. Simply opt into campaigns that DO appeal., part of the Wikio Group, allows you to display videos and publish articles about brands that you like, when you want, whilst earning. ebuzzing is a completely free service to join. It has a strict code of ethics which ensures all posts are clearly marked as sponsored and written in the blogger’s own words. As they say on the site, “Advertising content is never bland or boring through ebuzzing, as we present you with only the best campaigns, a few bullet points, links and images; then leave the creativity and presentation to you.”

If you join up you could work with brands like Radisson Hotels, Lloyds TSB, PayPal, Levis, FHM and the Mirror. There are many more coming to the ebuzzing platform right now, so there has never been a better time to register and start earning ! Find out more on

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