Single mum sets up Scotland’s first jobs hub for parents

A single mum from Edinburgh has set up the first part time and flexible working hub in Scotland to help working parents balance their work and family life.

Working for Parents will help parents in Scotland find work by sourcing and advertising jobs for mums, dads and carers. The online jobs board for flexible jobs will be the first in Scotland to showcase part-time job vacancies and a full range of flexible working opportunities.

The mum behind the brand new hub says legislation is paving the way for a family friendly work culture and hopes Working for Parents can make life easier for parents trying to find work to fit around childcare. Founder and Managing Director Annabel Latto said Working for Parents wants to see more equality for parents at work.

“There is a growing need for workers to be able to balance work with caring responsibilities outside the workplace. We have legislation coming into effect next April allowing men to share their paternity leave and the prospect of extended maternity leave from the EU. Our service will offer practical tools for parents who are looking for work that fits with their life.”

Working for Parents plans to drive up the variety and quality of jobs for parents in Scotland from full time jobs to home based work. Ms Latto said inflexible work policies can be a major barrier to parents.

“I had to turn down a fantastic executive job offer recently because the company were inflexible about the hours and arrangements. As a single mum, it’s impossible to work in a rigid nine to five. That’s why I was inspired to set up Working for Parents and help to turn things around.”

The business was awarded £10,000 funding from the Big Lottery ‘Awards for All’ and will be the first social enterprise in the sector; profits will be reinvested to provide dedicated support services to parents. Candidates will have access to range of extra services, including a careers finder service, CV clinic, skills development, career coaching, interview advice and childcare information and resources.

“Our courses will help parents to be job ready and enable them to find jobs that match their abilities and interests. There are many different types of flexible working that could improve parents work life balance, such as job share, flexi time, part time, term time and compressed hours and advances in technology offer possibilities for remote working.”

New candidates who register via the website will be entered into a prize draw to win a gift pack of award winning products for schools provided by Dragons Den winners Concentrate, a new company that designs and manufactures innovative products.

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  • Wow, great to see someone who understands to needs of a work life balance for parents. my wife is currently looking for employment as our son has started school and i find this extremely promising that there are peopleout there like yourself who have found the need for such a website.

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