13 barriers that stop mums starting a business and how YOU can overcome them

What is stopping you starting your own business right now? If you’d love to earn money in a flexible way, help boost the family budget and show friends and family that you can succeed, read this series of tips from Antonia Chitty and Erica Douglas of www.becomeamumpreneur.com. Every week you can learn a new way to give yourself confidence, get motivated and get closer to your goals.

2. Lack of time

“I don’t have time to run a business.” If you’re a busy mum it can seem hard to find time in the day where you could fit in work, however flexible. If you are really motivated, however, you’ll find the time. Take 2 minutes right now to focus on what you could do with a few extra pounds each month. Would you pay off the overdraft, be able to afford a babysitter and a night out or start saving for a holiday? Whatever your dream, write it down. If you can add a photo of your dream alongside, even better. This could be a photo from the holiday brochure, a picture of a big pile of cash, or some old photos from great nights out. Stick this up somewhere you will see it every day.

Now, use your dream to help you get motivated and create that time for work. Look at your day and find one timeslot that you could change what you do. The easiest way to gain time could be to give up one television programme: if you watch a soap every day you could gain 2-3 hours each week by stopping. And I’ve even got something that will help you get closer to having your own income to do during that time. Visit www.becomeamumpreneur.com and sign up for the Mumpreneur in a Month ecourse. It is free and packed with flexible ways to earn in part time hours. Spend just a few minutes working on the lessons each day. Within a month you will be motivated and have created time to start your own business.

Check back here next week for more tips.

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