Toy Review: Galt Bouncy Balls Kit

Galt Bouncy Balls Kit

I have mixed feelings about craft kits: my daughter, 8, gets far too many of them and quite often their contents are relatively few compared to the packaging. I’d recommend the Galt Bouncy Ball kit wholeheartedly, however, as a great kit for a boy or a girl. At £5.99 it is within my birthday present budget (just about!) and even J, 5 got into making bouncy balls with a bit of help.

You simply fill the mould with plastic granules and add water. There is a little bit of waiting then required before you can get your ball out and let it dry. Within an hour or so you have a pretty sparkly ball that bounces. Great!

Our one issue with this kit was that the ball lost its bounce and became quite hard … but a quick soak in water restored it. Give it a go as a gift or a fun making activity to do with your own kids. are £5.99

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