Toy Review: Tomy Mr Colour Maker

This is a cute ‘paintpot’ that talks! You ‘tip’ plastic pots of paint into the pot and it tells you which colours are which, and what you get when you add a combination of two colours. K really likes this one, and is passionately attached to the yellow paint pot. For me, I think it is quite alot of money for not an enormous amount of function. OK, it is cleaner and less messy to let your child learn about colours using Mr Colour Maker than real paint, but any toddler is soon going to realise that real paints have way more scope! And surprisingly, Mr Colour Maker doesn’t have ‘sludge brown’ as an option: that is the colour that my crew usually end up with when they get mixing paint.

Incidentally, it comes with English and German language functions – great if you want your child to learn colours in German too!

Buy the Tomy-Mr-Colour-Maker at £19.99

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