Cheryl Cole is celebrity most idolised by children

If you’re worried about the role models that your child follows, you will find this new video from a great watch.

The online video channel for parents has been asking parents their views, and found that the number one celebrity parents think their children idolise is Cheryl Cole.David Beckham came second with 13.82 per cent of votes, followed by Lady Gaga with 9.38 per cent.

Who’s your child’s celebrity idol?


Cheryl Cole


David Beckham


Lady Gaga


Dizzee Rascal


Britney Spears


Matt Smith


Wayne Rooney




Katie Price (Jordan)


Andy Murray


To coincide with the research, has unveiled a new video clip which looks at celebrity culture and provides tips for parents to address the role of ambition and celebrity culture with their kids.

Jacqueline Harding at said:

‘Some may feel that focusing on celebrities may be an exercise in futility but an interest in celebrity culture might lead to other interests, for example if your child’s interested in becoming a pop star this could lead to encouraging them to learn a new instrument.’

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