13 barriers that stop mums starting a business and how YOU can overcome them

What is stopping you starting your own business right now? If you’d love to earn money in a flexible way, help boost the family budget and show friends and family that you can succeed, read this series of tips from Antonia Chitty and Erica Douglas of www.becomeamumpreneur.com.

3. No investment capital

Are you holding back from starting your business because you just can’t get funding? In the current economic climate it can seem too much of a risk to take a loan, but all businesses need money to start up … or do they?In fact, if you ask mums with successful businesses, most of them will have started with little or nothing at all and built up organically. PLUS, get networking with other mums looking to start a business and you’ll find that trades and swaps are the way to go: this is how I got my first website, and much of my PR started by offering PR as a trade. Not sure where to meet other mums interested in business? Check out the Family Friendly Working Mums Networking Directory.

But sometimes you do need a boost of cash to get going, and you may need to be inventive to get it. Do ask your local enterprise agency about funding and grants, but in reality these are few and far between. Sometimes you need to do something yourself to earn some money to invest … and in the ‘Mumpreneur in a Month’ e-course there are 15 ways to earn even if your time is limited. Start one of these off and you’ll find that you have a useful stream of income to help you with your main business idea. You will also find it is useful to have more than one income stream to cover you while your business grows.

If this sounds like the help you need … join ‘Mumpreneur in a Month’. It is FREE to take part and the 30 day course has the answers you’ve been looking for. It will change the way you think AND help you start earning right away.


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