Toy Review: Playskool step start walk and ride

Playskool step start walk and ride

K, 18months, is keen on anything with wheels. When he swiped a storage box on wheels to site in and use as a car I knew it was time to get him a little ride on for indoors. We were pleased, therefore, to test the Playskool step start walk and ride for the Toylogists programme.

It was easy to set up, despite K helping, and he was keen to get on and ride as soon as he could. He likes the little ‘trunk’ at the front where he can put small cars and toys. It has withstood wear very well too. We haven’t really tried it out as a walker, and I can see that K will outgrow it within a few months as it is small and he is a BIG toddler. It is perfect, though, for use in the

house or a small garden, and ideal to carry your little one from crawling to walking to riding! at £24.99

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