Toy Review: Playskool explore n’grow

You’ve got to love a toy that makes your child smile when they first get it to work. The Explore ‘n’ Grow is suitable for age 9months plus so I thought it might be too young for K, 21m. However he loved at, as did J, 5 and his friend from next door who is 4. The Explore ‘n’ Grow works simply: you put balls in; it chucks them out for you to fetch (maybe a great pet toy too!). It is a fab concept that little kids will have loads of fun with. You can choose the static mode – idea for pre-crawling stage – or flick the switch so it travels round the floor, chucking out balls as it goes. I can see some extra balls would be useful, or a whole lot of patience as you retrieve them from under the sofa for the 15th time, but definitely a good, fun toy for baby’s first Christmas.  Don’t forget the batteries. at £19.97

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