Book Review: Justin Thyme

Here is a children’s book review for a change after a spate of toy reviews.

Justin Thyme by Panama Oxridge is an excellent book. Packed with detail it certainly gave D, 8, a challenging read. It follows the adventures of brilliant boy millionaire Justin Thyme who lives with his eccentric family in the north of Scotland. Together with a cast of servants including a suspicious gardener, a tame ape and a nanny who thinks and communicates in clichés, Justin is challenged both by his desire to understand time and by the family curse.

There are lots of lovely extras with this book: a map of the castle, a cast list, pages from Justin’s notebook and a comprehensive glossary explaining words used in the book. Justin Thyme is great for 9-12 year olds who have graduated from harry Potter and are looking for a new character to follow.

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