Mothers of Invention!

New mothers complain their brains have turned to mush — but new research shows that a woman’s grey matter actually increases after having children. It would seem that way for these five mothers, who turned ­everyday dilemmas into ­multi-million-pound businesses.

Sara Murray turned every parents’ nightmare – a lost child – into a £4million business called Buddi.  The Buddi is tiny and can be clipped on to a padded bracelet or popped into a zipped-up pocket. The device pinpoints exactly where the child is. To track them, you ring a 24-hour monitoring centre.

Another parental problem – the need for a portable potty – became Amanda Jenner’s project and now the design has sold in 27 countries and is stocked in John Lewis stores.

Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne, 39, is a mother of three who lives in Edinburgh with her husband Hew, 39, an IT consultant and their children, Angus, 10, Robin, eight, and Otto, six. Lucinda invented gluten-free Genius Bread, the brand leader in the UK and selling in most major UK supermarkets.

“My Eureka moment came after we discovered my second child, Robin, was gluten intolerant. I wanted him to enjoy eating ­sandwiches, but couldn’t find ­anything that didn’t contain gluten and yeast, and still tasted as good as bread.”

Jayne Lawton is the inventor of the Grobox, which enables people to grow plants even if they don’t have a garden. Jayne, was teaching some blind children and wanted her pupils to grow their own flowers without ­having to go through the confusion of trying to do it in a garden.

So the idea was to create a garden in a box, which was pre-seeded and all people had to do was water it.

And finally, few parents have failed to come across or use Mandy Haberman’s invention – the Anywayup Cup.  Mandy says that “Even now, it’s hard to believe that I sell up to 60 million Anywayup cups each year — and that the business I built from scratch has a yearly turnover of £40 million.

The success is fantastic, but it has been incredibly hard work”

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