Mumpreneur Profile: Lyn Blackledge of Lyn’s Biz

Lyn’s Biz offers many different services & opportunities to its customers and clients. It is continually evolving to keep up with the clients needs. As a mumpreneur myself, thoroughly enjoying what I do, I want to help others to take that first step to owning their own business and then to help them on the road to success.

When the company I had been loyal to for 7 years, moved the goal posts, I took my skills elsewhere and spread my eggs into lots of baskets to protect myself and my income. Primarily, after my teaching career of 30 years, I was a book lady (running alongside my teacher until I escaped the rat race) which fitted nicely with my background. When I moved to pastures new I had to find multiple streams of income to make up for my lost pay!

I love helping families to make their book choices and really enjoy helping those who join my team to build the business that is right for them. I have added different business opportunities in, a green business, a card business and a business that help people save money and am building teams for all of them. I also help other businesses to market themselves and am now just setting up a new networking group on the Isle of Wight – networking is crucial to our survival. Whilst I am doing this, I am also using my businesses as a vehicle for charity fundraising too.

Moving from the company I had served for 7 years was a good move (although I lost all income) It has allowed me to grow and develop. I was criticised for running multiple businesses and posting happy banter on facebook. That criticism only served to motivate me to greater things and if I can, anyone else can. Winning the Mumpreneur’s National award – Best salewoman of the year  2010 really was the icing on the cake and yet I only entered because of my critique! I have proved it can be done – now if you will let me, I would like to help you to take the steps you need to run your own business and grow it to whatever size you like. Dare to dream and dare to dream BIG.

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