Mumpreneurs: Speakers wanted for Mum’s Business Club

Yvette Segal of Mum’s Business Club Watford is looking for speakers, preferably female who can speak about a topic which would be relevant to ladies who either have their own business or are thinking of starting their own business.  She explains, “Mum’s Business Club ethos is that ladies can bring along their children and therefore are able to attend a networking meeting when they may not normally be able to. We also welcome ladies who don’t have children as long as they are not offended by the fact that there may be children there

“Subject areas can be anything really that would be of interest to the ladies – it can either be someone who has an interesting story to tell about how they came into business or a general topic such as marketing, bookkeeping, social media or something such as tips for mum’s who work from home etc.

“The talk can be up to about half an hour long and then time for questions.  I run meetings in Watford and Radlett / Borehamwood area so as long as they are local or can travel to those areas that’s fine.  Unfortunately as we don’t want to make the meetings too formal or make it hard for ladies to come along we only charge people a nominal fee to attend so I’m not able to pay any speakers fees.

“Ladies who attend our meeting have a range of businesses from party plan (Pampered Chef, Usbourne Books etc), alternative therapists (reflexologists, masseurs etc), maternity clothes, home made baby food, beautician, doula, toddler group, baby foot and hand cast specialists, pamper parties, first aid courses, jewellery etc

Yvette Segal

Mum’s Business Club Watford


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  • BE YOU. 2 words with tremendous power, and yet…women dont follow that simple advice. We were born with gifts, we are amazing. Use your greatest gift…Be YOU and transform your life.

    I can send you a video link and I would be happy to chat anytime.

    My resume includes speaking engagments at The University of Miami, Miami Dade College, local chambers, and more. I have a BA in Psychology, a MBA specializing in marketing. Ive overcome cancer, being an orphan and lets just say some pretty sketchy relationships.

    Girls..the key to a joyful and full life is……..BE YOU!

    I would love to visit your group! Cheers, Stephanie Stanford

  • Hello Yvette Segal,

    I read with interest your desire for female speakers to come speak at a Mums Business Club in England. My friend and business associate Sherry Pelkey of Get Real Results and several other women business speakers are offering our services to come speak in exchange for travel expenses plus a nominal fee. We have speakers for a variety of topics including customer service, random brilliance, marketing, low cost/no cost promotions online and offline, organizing your office, event planning and more. We would be happy to discuss further, although we have all been speakers individually we are currently setting up a website to promote this service of speaker4travel.

    Have a wonderful day,

    Tracey Allen
    T. Allen Consulting
    Tel: 902-892-6430
    Fax: 902-892-6953

  • I would be more than happy to come and give a presentation on anything to do with managing your both your personal and business finances confidently, see debts go down and savings go up, cashflow planning, evening out the peaks & troughs of income etc.

  • Hi Yvette,
    I will be happy to come and speak at your event. I live in Watford, so distance is not a problem. I have a range of topics that would inspire mums i.e Stress Management, Work life balance etc.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

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