Flexible Business Idea: Utility Warehouse

Company Name: Utility Warehouse

Description of the business that someone could buy into: Selling/advising individuals and businesses on energy (gas/electric) telephone/broadband, mobile phones and mobile broadband, helping them to make savings.  Which! Magazine endorsed package.  This produces a lifetime income that can grow and grow.

Hours you might work to make it succeed:  5 – 15 hours a week

Skills that will help you make this business work:   Good communication skills, determination and a desire to be independent.

Tell me the facts:

Date Established:             2006

What you Offer:               Franchise

Initial Start up Costs:       £199.75 – one off cost (this is refunded if 12 customers signed up within 90 days of passing training)

Ongoing monthly costs e.g. fees for accounting/marketing/advertising support: None

Annual Costs e.g. renewing licences:      £3 per month after first 12 months.

Training offered.  Please describe any training you offer to help someone starting this business:  Full training given online and at local hotel mostly free or at very low cost.

Support offered. Please describe the ongoing support you can offer to someone taking up this business opportunity:  I will offer full ongoing support and the company offer online and hotel based training at all levels.

How to find out more:

Telephone:         0808 1972486 or 07940 730171

Email:                    lovemysavings@telecomplus.org.uk

Website:              https://www.utilitywarehouse.co.uk/biz/index2.taf?exref=E84793

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