Book Reviewer Needed: Age 9-13

Does your son or daughter read avidly? Can they write 100-200 word book reviews? Would they like to review new children’s books for Family Friendly Working?

If this sounds like an opportunity for your child, get in touch. Right now the books we have seem to be mainly in the fantasy genre.

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  • My 10 year old son might be interested!
    Do you have any further details?
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  • I’m sure my 9yo son would love the opportunity. He reads avidly, and seems to read anything he can get his hands on! Not sure about the writing side, but he has firm views about things, and is a very able boy.

  • My daughter is 11 and loves a good book! Would be a good opportunity for her to take part in something like this. I’ll look forward to getting more details, thanks.

  • Hi Antonia,

    Both my daughter (11) and my son (9) are very enthusiastic readers, and both enjoy fantasy books. They have both said they would like to be book reviewers – so you may get 2 for the price of 1 (what a bargain!)

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Antonia,

    My daughter is 9 (10 in February) and would be interested in this. More details would be great, thanks.

    Becky Ashwell

  • Thank you everyone for responding. As you can see we have LOTS of reviewers. I’ll email you directly if I have something for you right now, but won’t be able to offer everyone a book to review right now. If you don’t hear from me this week, I’ll keep you on the list for future reviews.

  • HI
    My 10 year old would love the opportunity.
    My 12 year old would not!

    Dare you to give my 12 year old the opportunity and help with my parenting ( and I’m ateacher!)

  • We’ve allocated the first couple of books but will be in touch as and when we have more for this age group.

  • My 13 year old daughter would love to help. Once she starts reading, she can’t stop. :)x

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