Toy Review: Jungle Speed

This review is by Daisy, 8. She writes, “I think Jungle Speed is good game but the instructions are a bit confusing. I like the game alot and my friend Leila also likes it.

You deal the cards out and any left out cards should be placed ion the middle of the table. Place the totem pole on top of these cards. Place a card on the table in turn.  If you and your opponent gets a ‘snap’ you have to grab the totem pole. The loser gets the cards. The aim of the game is to get rid of the cards first. I think it is a really fun game.”

Mum says, “A fast fun game, ideal for age 7+. You have to concentrate hard as there are a number of similar patterns plus other cards that change what you need to match from shapes to colour.”

Daisy’s verdict: I would give Jungle Speed 9/10

Asmodee Editions Jungle Speed costs from around £12-15.

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