Flexible Business Opportunity: VTI Franchise

Company Name: Veterinary Thermal Imaging Ltd

Description of the business that someone could buy into: The UK’s first thermal imaging service for all animal species. A mobile service that can be offered in the veterinary surgery, or the animal’s home using a specialised, camcorder-sized camera to pinpoint the seats of medical problems, often up to three weeks before the animal exhibits any clinical signs. It’s an emerging technology in the veterinary field, which has been very well received.

Hours you might need to work to make it succeed: Each report takes about 2 hours to complete, which includes taking the images, analysing and interpreting them.  You might need to allow travelling time between appointments.

Appointments Per month Approx. Hours (month / week) Monthly Turnover £ Annual Turnover £
10 20 / 5 1,950* 23,400*
20 40 / 10 3,900* 46,800*
30 60 / 15 5,850* 70,200*
40 80 / 20 7,800* 93,600*
50 100 / 25 9,750* 117,000*

Skills that will help you make this business work

An understanding of animal anatomy and physiology, and experience of working with animals is key. You’ll need drive and determination, and confidence when taking to animal owners, vets and other related professionals. We’ll also need you to have meticulous attention to detail to be able to accurately prepare reports. No prior knowledge of thermal imaging is needed, as full training and on-going support is offered. A full driving licence is needed, as the service offered is mobile.

Tell me the facts

Date Established: February 2010

What You Offer: Franchise

Initial Start up Costs: £10,000

Ongoing monthly costs e.g fees for accounting/marketing/advertising support: budget around £150. Franchise royalty fee is 10% of turnover each month from month 3.

Annual costs e.g renewing licenses: nil

Training offered. Please describe any training you offer to help someone starting this business: Full training in thermography, leading to certification. Practical animal handling. Business, sales and marketing training,

Support offered. Please describe the ongoing support you can offer to someone taking up this business opportunity: Head office support for all business queries, and help with interpreting images and compiling reports. Further training. Bespoke advertising, national advertising, PR, CRM, and website which is fully search engine optimised. Low cost hire of professional trade stand to attend events. All marketing materials, bespoke stationery and uniforms.

How to find out more:

Telephone 0800 408 3891

Email careers@vtiuk.com

Website www.vtifranchise.com www.veterinary-thermal-imaging.com

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