Mumpreneur Profile: Kiran Singh of Vivacious Mum

My name is Kiran Singh, Indian by origin, born and brought up in Norway. I am a single mom by choice and mother of a lively, six year old girl. Had an arranged marriage which lasted 1 year, during that time, I got pregnant and got divorced before I had my baby. My daughter was and is my inspiration to life.

My mother got ovarian cancer in 2004, so to take care of her; I quit my fulltime job and started working from home. My mother struggled with cancer for 3 years until she passed away in 2007. 1 year later I decided to go on with my life and focus on me and my daughter – so we moved to London July 2008. We moved out of the blue, without having any family or friends, but this was a risk we were willing to take.

In September 2009 I went to Paris to attend a Design Exhibition. On my way I picked up a magazine from Boots where I read a very touching article about 2 sisters who had lost their mother to cancer, they then contacted The Eve Appeal and became their supporters. This article inspired me to do the same; I myself had lost my mom to cancer and wanted to support the cause. I had a meeting with them recently and decided to become a Regional Ovarian Cancer Coordinator for The Eve Appeal & Ovacome – which I became in August 2010.

We are now slowly settling down, my daughter goes in year 2 and is my precious angel.  She has forgotten the Norwegian language and barely speaks Punjabi (Indian), but she loves living here and so do I.

I am Interior Designer by profession and run Interior Design Workshops. During the summer holidays last year, I found it difficult to attend meetings and networking events, and I realized I needed a job that could involve around my daughter – something she could be a part of too. I launched Vivacious Mum – a community and support group for Mums. It started with a website, events for both Mums & Kids and then I launched an online magazine; Vivacious Mum – a monthly magazine for Mums by Mums – worldwide! I also run a local group for Single parents through Gingerbread. I attended a parenting programme from April to August last year and graduated. I have to say it has been quite a journey. Being a single parent is not easy, but def not impossible. Being a Mumpreneur, I decided to help Mums in Business and launched Vivacious Business Mums. We have fortnightly networking & business support brunches and helpful workshops.

“My mother always told me to find something to enjoy each day – especially on those hectic, stressful days when everything seems to be going wrong. She made the little things matter, allowing a good conversation, a delicious bowl of soup or great weather to turn a whole day around. She’s also a big believer in putting everything you have into whatever you’re involved in. ‘Do things all out,’ she says. ‘It’s more enjoyable, and it’s also the way to succeed.’ She’s followed her own advice. ”

Founder of Vivacious Business Mums, Founder & Editor of Vivacious Mum, Host & Producer of Vivacious Mum’s Online TV, Mentor for Mumpreneur UK, Regional Ovarian Cancer Coordinator for The Eve Appeal & Ovacome

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