Rise up in the mummy revolution!

As mothers, we are always being told we can ‘have it all’ – a fabulous family life, a thriving career, and of course that ever-elusive ‘me-time’. But when you’re spending the majority of your waking life in a haze of sleep deprivation, dressed mainly in yesterday’s milk-stained clothes, just how do you find the time or the energy to develop your own business??

Helen Wooldridge and Polly Marsh managed to do just that when in 2006 they launched Cuddledry, the unique baby apron towel that they took to the Dragons’ Den.

Now, five years on, Helen and Polly need your help!

Although still very much a friendly, family run business, Cuddledry has been nominated this month for Best Nursery Product in the Tommy’s Baby Friendly Awards. Fantastic news for the Cuddledry team! Unfortunately, they are up against some of the biggest names in the nursery industry – the likes of Mothercare and Mamas and Papas.

But the Cuddledry mums are undaunted! Rather than sit back and wait to see Mothercare romp to victory, Helen and Polly are taking action, proving that just because you are a small business, run by women, doesn’t mean you can’t play hard ball…

And so Operation Baby Towel was born. A fight for mumpreneurs everywhere, a revolution if you will. A revolution that you can be part of.

‘So what can you do?’ we hear you cry. VOTE! That’s what. And then tell everyone you know to vote. Tweet about it with the hashtag #operationbabytowel, put it on facebook, phone up all your old school friends that you haven’t seen since 1989 and tell them the mummy revolution has begun!

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