New Year New hair? Umberto Giannini Curl Friends

It’s the start of the new year and the start of my new post babies (youngest now 2 and a bit) image revamp. Having hit the sales, I was keen to give my hair a new lease of life.  So I tried Umberto Giannini Curl Friends; hair mask, smoothy curls anti frizz serum and hair spray. My hair type? Well I have naturally very curly ‘mind of its own’ hair so it’s not an easy ask!

Wildly optimistic, I was looking forward to finally having manageable curls that were frizz free and even better would apparently submit to the power of these high performance products. It would make a nice change from trying to shape my hair like a hedge.

The hair mask is an extreme repair for curly hair and you use it like a super dooper conditioner after shampooing. This is my favourite of the three products as it works best. That’s if you can get past the smell and the colour of the packaging. I am a girl who prefers to use products that are less pink and smell of something you might find in the natural world not a factory.

Using the serum was overall a frustrating experience, it looked promising, and even has a clever dispenser which gives a small squirt at a time, probably a good thing, but once on your skin it takes forever to wash the slippery stuff off and quite honestly my hair felt really lovely and soft to touch but still looked frizzy once it had been applied even generously. Hmm my optimism was now waning.

The hair spray – This was doomed from the start as I got it in my mouth, ugh! Although I admit it does hold your hair – I just don’t want my hair set in concrete.

To sum up I would try the hair mask again but not the serum or hairspray. You have to find a product that suits your hair and the way you manage it on a daily basis, for me it wasn’t a new hair make over but I’ll keep trying and I enjoyed giving it a go.

Reviewed by Felicity Truscott

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