British Therapist Creates Global Magazine For Speech Therapists/Pathologists

A British speech & language therapist began to use social media as a way of marketing her speech therapy business, Small Talk and also her pre-school groups, Smart Talkers. She uses several types of hypnosis as a therapy to help children and even adults with various language disorders. After contact with therapist all over the world she has created an international magazine.

They say that the internet is making the world a smaller place and this has certainly been the experience of British speech & language therapist and single mother of two, Libby Hill. Libby, from Uttoxeter, Staffordshire began to use social media as a way of marketing her speech therapy business, Small Talk and also her pre-school groups, Smart Talkers. ‘I knew that social media marketing had become an important part for any business’marketing campaign, so I set up a blog, created Face Book pages and joined Twitter. I soon realised that people from all over the world were interested in what I was writing. I began to have ‘conversations’ with speech & language therapists and pathologist from the US, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand and UAE,’ reports Libby. ‘We shared ideas, discussed new topics, looked at new innovations, and reviewed some old practises. It brought home how we are all working towards the same aims despite different names or countries’.

Speech & Language Therapy/Pathology (they’re called different names depending where in the world they are) is a profession full of enthusiasm and passion for speech, language and communication with great ideas to share and endless examples of good practise. Here in the UK, the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists (RCSLT) publish an excellent Bulletin which is mainly full of British work but Libby felt there was a need to do an international one. ‘It’s not an academic forum as there is already an international journal; I wanted something informal with features, articles, news stories and interviews with SLT/SLPs from different parts of the world’.

A survey by the RCSLT recently showed that 70% of British therapists would go abroad to follow their career, so this magazine will help therapist/pathologists to see what’s going on in different countries. This will undoubtedly help in the transition from one country-base to another.

S & L world will be published quarterly and is available on-line by subscription only. Libby’s company Small Talk will co-ordinate the publication in conjunction with Ray Wellington and his team Milton Bayer Communications Ltd, a creative agency from Northampton. It has been launched this month to co-incide with The National Year of Communication in Britain. To access a free first edition please go to

For more information 0844 704 5888 or e-mail

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