Book Review: The Mumpreneur Guide

“I have started my own business already as a writer and I run a busy blog. I thought Antonia’s book may be a bit basic for me but NO! It was truly fab. I have mamaged to run a check on my blog to find out what needs imporoving and I have new places to list it too. I have read stories of other successful inspiring women and feel very motivated. Antonia writes simply and to the point…a delightful, helpful work book.”
Becky Goddard Hill of BabyBudgeting

If you ever wanted to be your own boss – here’s the book you need to get started!

Get advice every weekday tailored for mum business owners covering:

  • Business Communication
  • Business Finance
  • Business Law
  • Business Online
  • Business Promotion
  • Business Success
  • Business Support
  • Clients and Customers
  • Events
  • Great Business Ideas
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Starting Your Business
  • Technology
  • Work Life Balance

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