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Great news for you if you want to create a flexible lifestyle.

How was your half term? Did you end up spending lots of time with the family then wishing you didn’t have to return to work? Or was it a really stressful juggle? I can’t say that I’ve got everything sorted as we had to cancel a trip this half term due to illness, but I’m really pleased to have been able to restructure my business so I can spend more time with the kids when they are on school holiday.

Over the last 2 years I’ve changed the way I work so, even with three kids, I can keep the money coming in. In the first four days of last month I earned £2000 from my PR business, freelance writing and blogs. I’m not a millionaire… yet. But I do have plenty of tips and tricks to help you start from scratch and grow your income just like me. AND I’m committed to making it as easy as possible for you to get started. Read on for Exciting news about Become a Mumpreneur

**We’ve added in a 30 day free trial to the Become a Mumpreneur membership site and eCourse. **

That’s right: it will cost you nothing to get a month of eLessons PLUS access to all the valuable teleclasses and resources in the members area. If you enjoy the course you’ll then simply continue to pay £19.99 per month. AND, in the first month of the course we’ll help you work towards earning your first income. Lots of mums are already earning their first £20 and covering their course fees. Some are even blasting through the £100 earnings challenge within the first month.

Amanda took part in last month’s Become a Mumpreneur teleclass and writes,

I come from a customer services/admin background and had never thought about using those skills to freelance. When out to dinner with friends recently one of them had mentioned he had a pile of data entry work he needed doing & how he was getting fed up of nagging his new employees to get it done. I sent him a text when the webinar finished, asking if it was still a job needing doing. Result is I’ll be £100 better off next week. My first self employed earnings, yay! ”

So, if you want to be like Amanda and start earning, take action now. Sign up for your 30 day free trial here. We’re looking forwards helping you start to earn!

BECOME A MUMPRENEUR is open for new members from now until 9pm Friday 4th March. You have just 4 days to check it out and take the free trial.

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