Become a Mumpreneur – Course Update

As the first group of mums work through the Become a Mumpreneur eCourse, we thought you’d like an insight into what they are learning.

Pamela has only recently joined the course, but has found a great way to start earning with guaranteed sales! She listened to the latest teleclass with our expert Helen Lindop and then took action to test out her business idea:

Today I posted some pictures on my Facebook page of items I might offer for sale and within one hour I received 7 orders for the items. The beauty about the whole thing is that I am yet to purchase the items. I just wanted to see the reaction of my friends before going ahead and a lot of people have pre ordered. I realise that, to achieve anything in life you must take the first step which is getting of your ‘I wish’ mood and actually doing something. Thank you Erica and Antonia for encouraging me to take the baby steps.

If you’re ready to take action like Pamela, Sign up for your 30 day free trial here and see if, like her, it encourages you to take action AND start those earnings coming in.

BECOME A MUMPRENEUR is open for new members from now until 9pm Friday 4th March. You have just 3 days to check it out and take the free trial.

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