Book Review: Dancing Jax

Book Review – Dancing Jax by Robin Jarvis

By Zoë Bestel


A book within a book: suspense, horror, gripping and the best can’t-put-downer I’ve read in the last year.

Having said that, maybe you shouldn’t read it…

The book within the book is Dancing Jacks; a book so deadly, you should never go near it. Do not even speak of it. Just stay away. If means be, burn it, throw it in a river, anything but do not, whatever you do, open the pages to read it. Written by Austerly Fellows, a mysterious occultist, he will capture your mind and will force you to become a character in his own world of Moon Caster, just by the words on the pages. It may appear a children’s book but once read, you can never get out…

I’ve never been one for horror, but when I saw this book I desperately wanted to read it. This book has opened my eyes to yet another genre of books, which I’m sure I shall enjoy in the future. However, I must warn you; this is rated 11+. I would maybe rate it a little higher about 12 maybe even 13+ it can get a bit scary at times. Not enough to make you have nightmares but try not to read it last thing before going to sleep…

Although, I appreciate Jarvis is a fantastic writer. I haven’t read anything of his before, but I am sure this will make an everlasting impression.

Brilliant writer, Brilliant book. Go read it now!

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