Mumpreneur Profile: Maud Rousseau of Cinnamon Communications

Maud Rousseau – children Laura age 2.5, Ines 6 months

Lisa Isaacs – children Tom 4, Joshua 18 months

Karen Keeman – children Evie age 5, Jonah age 2

Maud Rousseau set up Cinnamon Communications, a PR and marketing agency, in August 2009 after the birth of her daughter Laura. After working 12 years in the City, holding various senior positions such as Head of Corporate Communications for well-known firms, Maud set up Cinnamon to offer flexible working hours around childcare.

Cinnamon offers an adaptable and reliable service to clients. Run and managed by three working mums, the set up allows Maud, Lisa Isaacs and Karen Keeman to work any day of the week, including weekends if needed. Maud says: “Having the right work/life balance is very important, especially now as I have recently had another daughter. I have only hired experienced working mums so that clients always get the very best.

“Between the three of us at Cinnamon, we have numerous skills and experience as media professionals, all having worked in the industry at senior levels for more than ten years each. From helping to shape the corporate strategy for some of the world’s leading brands to writing news and features for national newspapers, our combined experience enables us to cover the whole spectrum of PR, marketing and journalism. But what we also have is six children between us and because we are able to work in a flexible way, we are the lucky ones who can combine parenthood with being media professionals.

“But it is not just us who benefits, our clients will always be able to reach one of us as we are never far away from our laptops and Blackberries. We mostly work from home and although we may stop at 5pm to make the children their tea, we always check back to see if there is anything urgent we need to deal with when the children are in bed. Take for example when one of our current clients emailed over some last minute quotes to us at 9pm so we could send to a journalist in Hong Kong by 8am the next day, we were all on hand to deal with it and the journalist received the information in plenty of time. Had we had to deal with commuting and regular office hours, there is a good chance we would have missed the opportunity to be featured in the influential South China Morning Post.”

The key to Cinnamon’s success is that the PR professionals can all be trusted to deliver work to a very high standard and by allowing the mums the opportunity to work flexibly they are very committed to their job and clients. Cinnamon Communications would love to work with other organisations that appreciate a hands-on and dedicated approach to business. For further information about Cinnamon Communications visit or email

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