Could you say ‘Yes!’ to all your children’s demands?

Children’s self-esteem and ego are fluid and fragile things. They soar one minute and deflate like a popped balloon the next. A cruel word from a friend, an abrupt dismissal by a tired teacher, an angry word from a busy parent all can affect a child’s self-esteem.  Children’s author, Claire Carpenter, threw herself into the realm of free parenting for 24 hours, saying ‘Yes You Can’ to her two children.

“After every request I told my children to think hard about the consequences of what they wanted and stressed that they have to live with those consequences,” explained Claire, mum to Alex, 6, and Tom, 8.

Could you say ‘Yes!’ to all your children’s demands for 24 hours??  Would you like to set up a challenge for some readers to experience the realm of free parenting?

We’d love to see the results!   Please get in touch with or phone Julie Sherwood on 07827 290496 for more information

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