Book Review: Killer Genes by Yasmin Jiwa

This book is about 5 cousins and one of their friends. They are very inquisitive and sometimes too curious for their own good. In this adventure the 6 teenagers, when camping, accidentally stumble upon an animal research centre. When investigating further they discover a horrible truth. Along the way they find a stray dog who becomes a great companion.

I think this book is like a modern day version of the famous five. it is packed full of adventure and the plot twists and turns so you can never guess what will happen next. This is definitely a book I would recommend to a friend. I would recommend this book to 9 to 15 year olds.

By Yasmin Jiwa Aged 11

KILLER GENES is the 2nd ARCTIC6 adventure by CT Furlong

‘Why would a virus just stop?’. ‘Because we designed it that way,’ came a voice from behind the door.

The US President is fighting for his life! Mysterious lights, an inexplicable illness and a deadly plague plunge the ARCTIC6 into another exciting adventure. When the friends stumble across a research facility hidden deep in the Suffolk countryside, they discover an insane plot in which the lives of millions are at stake. As they work to unravel the secrets of the facility, a deadly countdown is ticking. Can they prevent a global disaster? Do they have time to save the lives that hang in the balance?

Will they even have time to save themselves??

The Author -­ C.T. Furlong

Carol Furlong grew up in Ireland and studied Science at Carlow Institute of Technology and promptly forgot most of it. After travelling in Europe, working in the music business in London and in the fashion  business in Antwerp, a childhood love of adventure stories coupled with the long neglected interest in science, resulted in the creation of the ARCTIC 6. She is married with two young children and lives in the remote wilds of Suffolk

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