House of Lords debate on the value of good parenting

Lord Northbourne recently chaired a debate in the House of Lords on the value of good parenting and the key points from the debate are listed below.

To accompany the debate, has published two video clips featuring parents and experts alike discussing 21st Century Parenting and Positive Parenting with hints and guides for parents (see links below). Please let me know if you’re interested in featuring the key debate points and video clips.

Key points from Lord Northbourne’s debate on the value of good parenting.

  • * First three years of a child’s life are crucial to development. By the age of three, the brain is 80% formed.
  • * Parents are the principle architects of a fairer society.
  • * Children from single parent families are 75% more likely to fail at school and 70% more likely to develop a drug addiction, although he emphasises that the single parents themselves may not be to blame.
  • * Genetics, society, luck – all these play a huge role. Some terrible parents raise great children, somehow, despite doing everything “wrong”. Some brilliant parents despair at their lazy, troublesome children, despite doing everything “right”. It’s a lottery.
  • * Good parenting is instinctive in some countries, Conservative peer Lord Eden of Winton argues. “To some extent, we’ve lost that here. That is why it must be helpful that that the practice of parenting is taught.”
  • * Children need “unconditional support, not just from their families, but from society too”.
  • * Surestart centres have proven to be of “massive benefit”, boosting social cohesion and reducing crime levels.
  • * When parenting is poor, the negative effects start to accrue very early and well before the child goes to school.
  • * The government’s approach to Surestart centres will differ from its predecessor by putting more emphasis on local needs. The number of health visitors would be increased by 50%, and they would be deployed to help build relationships between GPs and Surestart centres, and advise parents on topics such as healthy eating and accident prevention.
  • * The more likely a couple is to stay together, the greater chance a child has of growing up to lead a fulfilled and happy life, Lord Hill says, telling peers that the government is exploring ways to make relationship support more widely available. clips to accompany the debate

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