Three by Nine

I’ve been tagged by Erica

Three names I go by: Antonia, Nell (which is short for Antonella, which isn’t my name), Mum

Three places I’ve lived: Sanderstead, Bradford, Oxford….

Three places I’ve worked
: At Dollond and Aitchison Opticians, at a London Association for the Blind Care Home, at Which? magazine,

Three things I love to watch
: Grand Designs (Kevin is MINE, Erica, and he’s not old!), Glee, Spooks.

Three places I have been & love
: Slovenia, San Francisco, Kathmandu

Three people that email me regularly
: In first place Erica, then probably Karen and Caroline!

Three things I love to eat: Pasta, Curry and I has an amazing Moroccan chicken from Cook last night

Three things I am looking forward to: I’m really excited about a couple of the new books I’ve got coming out – one in October, one in 2012. I’m looking forward to Cybermummy, and the next Bexhill Businessmums meet-up.

I’d love to read a “three by nine” meme post by: Perfectly Happy Mum, Nicky and Suz at the BusinessMums Conference and Time Management Mum (unless she’s too busy to fit this in;))

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