Easter Holiday Help: Fun with Toddlers

You might wonder why I’m writing this article about the Easter holidays for parents of toddlers: well, although it can be hard to fill time with school-age kids, I always found it extra hard when I only had pre-schoolers and all their activities stopped over the school break. Toddlers don’t tend to need down time in the same way that their hard working older siblings do: when D and J are happy to stay in pyjamas all morning, K is up and raring to go, wondering just why there is no Tumbletots or music group! So, here are some of my tried and tested ideas for busy juggling mums with toddlers to entertain and no groups to go to:

  1. If you’re a regular at a toddler group, there will be lots of other mums who are in the same boat. At the last session before the holidays, arrange a meet up. Maybe invite people round for coffee or agree to be at the park at the same time as your group usually meets. That’s one morning filled and it can help you get to know other mums better too!
  2. If you’ve got a mixed age range of children like mine (2, 5 and 9) it’s time to think of activities that everyone can do. Last summer my next door neighbour and I did a few craft sessions in the back garden. She has three kids too, so we were pretty much running our own little holiday club. Crafty ideas that work well for all age ranges include cutting up old cards or magazines and sticking … toddlers can focus on sticking. Gather up all the recycling and do some junk modelling: use sticky tape to attach things together.
  3. Have one or two surprises up your sleeve and stock up on a new toy or two for a rainy day. We’ve recently been sent some Duplo to review and it is a great toy. While the 9 year old is definitely a Lego fan she’s still happy to help the boys build Duplo houses. J and K both love the police bike, right. We have a range of regular Duplo blocks, some which my mother kept from my childhood, so it is definitely a toy that lasts!
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