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We love to bake and D has taken to creating cupcakes with enthusiasm. Cake baking is a great thing to teach the kids – or learn yourself, and cupcakes aren’t hard. Read on to find out how we got on when we tried a cake mix, and get my easy cupcake recipe.

We were sent some Betty Crocker cupcake mix to review. It needed eggs, oil and water to go with the cake mix, and milk to stir into the icing. D, age 9, was able to do most of it with light supervision. The cakes came out brilliantly spongy, and everyone enjoyed the results, just as much as those we’d made ourselves. D says, “They were delicious, but I like weighing out the ingredients and making our own recipe better.” The cupcake mix is great for you if your kids are clamouring to bake and you’re lacking cooking confidence… but believe me, cupcakes are not hard at all! I have a fairly foolproof cupcake recipe, if you’re inspired to try this yourself:

Beat 4 oz soft butter with 4 oz sugar until pale yellow, soft and fluffy. Give the butter a few seconds in the microwave if it is at all hard to make the beating easier. Add in 2 medium eggs and beat gently. Then add in 4 oz flour, plus a dash of vanilla essence if you like. OR, add 3.5oz flour and 0.5 oz cocoa for chocolate cakes. This amount of mix makes around 12-14 small cupcakes: I tend to keep them small for small tummies. Bake for 12-15 minutes at 180 degrees C in a fan assisted oven. Before taking them out, use a skewer or fine knife to check that the cakes are cooked all through. If the skewer comes out clean, you’re good to go. If not, shove the cakes back in for another 2-3 minutes and test again.

For one big cake, use 2 7 inch pans. Cook for approx 25-30 minutes – always test with a skewer to ensure your cakes are baked. When cooled, sandwich together with jam and dust with icing sugar – classic!

Allow the cakes to cool, then let the kids have free rein with the icing! Simple ‘icing powder and water’ mix is easy to make and works fine for sticking small sweets and decorations to the cakes. I’d love it if anyone had a good butter icing recipe to share here as I’m never convinced I have that right!

Feeling inspired to bake? Why not blog your results and share the link here?

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