Mumpreneur Profile: Emma Major of Spinning Careers

My name is Emma; I am 26 years old, a mum to five year old Rachel and wife to Mike.  Before motherhood I ran my own business as a risk and value manager and facilitator on civil engineering projects.  I closed it when Rachel was born, enabling me to focus on motherhood, local voluntary work and lay ministry in our church.

Babies become toddlers, toddlers become pre-schoolers and before you know it your baby is at school full time.  I had extra time on my hands and the cost of living increased so I looked at ways of working flexibly, using my experience and skills to earn.  The idea came to me in the middle of the night; I am good at writing CVs and helping people focus on their goals and aspirations; why not offer those skills on the market.

From small acorns of ideas, come saplings of business and I launched Spinning Careers in January 2011.  We provide a personal career service, working with clients in the way they need to get the career they deserve.  Our services include:

– skills identification

– CV production

– job application completion

– personal statement development

– cover letter writing

– interview preparation

– general career guidance

We get to know a clients’ experience, skills, weaknesses, personality, uniqueness and future aspirations.  We get to know the person the world should see; then help them show themselves to their future educator/employer.   We care about our clients’ success and enjoy celebrating with them.

I write a blog for the business at and use social networking including twitter and linked-in to spread news of the business.  I know, from experience in business, that there is no better advertisement than personal references; so we provide these on the blog and ask satisfied clients to recommend us to friends, family and colleagues.

The joy of spinning careers is that it fits around family life; some days I work school hours, other days in the evenings; it is ultimately flexible for both me and my clients.  I am clear about timescales I can fulfil, I keep a very close eye on my diary and I do not overbook myself.  This is the key to family friendly working, being on top of your time.  If you are interested in joining the Spinning Careers network; providing the same high quality person focussed service to clients looking for CV and careers guidance then please contact me; I am on the look out for experienced people.

Spinning Careers is pleased to offer a 10% discount for Family Friendly Working readers; we can help spin off into the career you deserve
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