Has the cost of living driven you back to work?

Millions of women have returned to work just weeks after giving birth because they can’t afford to stay home, a study conducted on behalf of Philips AVENT reveals. Eight out of ten new mums head back to the office because they are ‘in desperate need of money’, while only one in five return to work because they love their job.

Another ten per cent of mums in the survey go back to their day job within ten weeks of giving birth, with more than a third doing so to become more financially secure. Only a quarter of them were missing their previous lifestyle and ‘ wanted to get their life back’. I fell into that small group, but even so I found it incredibly hard and handed my notice in after 9 months as D was getting more and more interesting.

Worryingly, 43 per cent of mums said they cannot afford to pay for childcare despite being back at work.  This is why nearly half of them, 46 per cent, rely on their mum to care for their child, while friends and grandparents are also called upon regularly. Deneice Harwin from Philips AVENT, said: ‘”Our research shows that balancing work and family is still a great challenge for most women. Having a good network of family and friends as well as flexible working hours can certainly make the difference and help them find the right balance.

Sue Hayward, Philips AVENT Financial advisor, added “These results demonstrate that women are seriously looking at alternative jobs to live a balanced as well as rewarding lifestyle.  Planning, budgeting and looking for the best deals are still wise ways to save money and have the family budget under control especially now with the recent child tax credit changes to be introduced”.

For further information and top tips please watch the new Philips AVENT video with Sue Hayward, Balancing Work & Your Family Finances, available on www.philipsAVENTfamily.co.uk and You Tube:

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