Determined Mum Fights For Organic Cotton

UK based entrepreneur Jacqueline Irvine is pleased to announce the launch of Gorgeous Eco Baby, an online organic boutique for kids aged 0-6years specialising in Organic Baby Hampers for corporate or personal gifts.

Despite battling breast cancer in 2009, Jacqueline set up her business in March 2010, which was launched under the name of Organic Baby Clothes Direct with a bespoke website built by a development company.

Jacqui soon realised after spending thousands of pounds she wasn’t in complete control of her content and the site in general. After reading “Create a Successful Website” by Paula Wynne, Jacqueline felt confident enough to take a risk of starting all over again. This scary and often intimidating decision faces thousands of small businesses each day, but Jacqueline felt ‘second time around’ was the best and only choice for the growth of her site.

Being out on a limb didn’t faze this determined mum and she toiled for five months to get a fun and fresh new ecommerce website under her fledgling wings.

Now on its maiden voyage, Gorgeous Eco Baby not only points out why organic cotton is better for people, animals and the planet, it ensure mums have access to fun, natural, chemical-free clothing and accessories for their babies.

Jacqueline is passionate about organic cotton for many reasons, mainly because of the multitude of benefits it offers. This includes helping the environment because organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides, no harmful manufacturing chemicals or toxic chemical residue.

The advantage for parents is high on Jacqueline’s list. She advocates that using organic cotton for children’s clothing is important because they do not contain allergens and it is soothing for eczema and sensitive young skin.

Jacqueline said: “All the products from Gorgeous Eco Baby have been ethically sourced and are of the highest premium organic cotton. The products from Green Baby and Little Green Radicals are fair-trade as well.”

Jacqueline’s pride and joy is maintaining the highest quality organic standards Global Organic Textile Standards. This is the only internationally recognized organic textile standards ensuring organic integrity at every step of the supply chain, from harvesting through production, processing, manufacturing and labelling.

More information can be found at

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  • Have saw Jacqueline’s amazing products and the care and love she puts in to preparing each hamper gift for her customers. All of her products are super soft to touch because of the organic contents.

    I would highly recommend mums to purchase their baby clothing from Jacqueline as it is definately kinder to the skin.

    I wish Jacqueline all the best with her new website.

    Pauline x

  • Thank you so much for leaving such a wonderful comment. I’m sure Jacqueline will be thrilled!

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