Ensure your party celebrations reach new heights

Flowtees, the indoor hot air balloon for home or corporate events

Party celebrations reach for the skies, with Flowtees, the ingenious paper baskets that create mini-hot air balloons, taking your home or corporate events to new heights.  With a range of designs and bespoke options available, the Flowtee basket tied to helium balloons, adds a touch of fun to any occasion.

  • Kids’ parties: ‘Colour your own’, perfect for keeping children entertained
  • Company functions: Brand your Flowtees and get marketing messages across
  • Landmark anniversaries: Personalise with photos or sentimental imagery
  • Seasonal occasions: Add that extra magic to Easter and Christmas

Float height is easily adjustable using mini-ballast bags. Balloons can also be customised for maximum impact.

Flowtees are for indoor use only and available in packs of 5. Purchase your Flowtees from www.flowtees.co.uk or your local balloon or party shop.

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