URGENT: Additional Paternity Leave – would you use it?

The Fatherhood Institute is looking for individuals and couples happy to be interviewed (and perhaps photographed or filmed) by the media later this week or early next week on the subject of Additional Paternity Leave.

Additional Paternity Leave is extra leave on top of the basic two weeks Paternity Leave, which a majority of dads already take at the time of the birth. Additional Paternity Leave has to be taken in the first year for the father to look after his baby while the baby’s mother is in paid work.

The kinds of situations we would like to hear about could include:

  • A father who has (ideally fairly recently) had a child and would have used the additional paternity leave if the new legislation had come in.
  • A mother who welcomes her partner being able to take this leave, because she feels it benefits the child and/or her work prospects etc.
  • Someone who is about to become a father (and their partner) who can talk about what it would mean for them practically and whether they will use it (would be good to have one family that would and perhaps one that wouldn’t).
  • Someone who runs a small business and can spell out exactly why a father taking leave would be a disaster for them – or, conversely, how this could benefit them because, for instance, it would allow a female employee to come back to work earlier after she’d had a baby.

Get in touch

If you or a dad you know might be interested, our Press Officer, Melissa Milner, can talk it through with you. Please email Melissa at melissa@dhacommunications.co.uk or call her on 020 7793 4035, or 07976 636 228.

Thank you!

We do hope a lot of dads and mums will get in touch – it’s so important for the experiences of ordinary families to be heard!

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