DVD Review: Tracy Beaker Returns

Tracy Beaker is a favourite with our family, so D was pleased to get the chance to review the latest series, Tracy Beaker Returns, on DVD.  She and two friends gave it a thumbs up all round:

Daisy says, “I really like Tracey Beaker, I think is shows how kids in care have different characters. It is cool, and I like the first series, The Story of Tracy Beaker too.” Naomi, 9, says, “I think Tracy Beaker returns is a good programme.” Hannah, 11, says, “I think this is a really great DVD. It allows you to view them together rather than having to wait for the next episode like on the TV. Also, you can view them one after the other without having to go back to the main menu or you can view an episode each night!”


“Tracy Beaker Returns”

I’m Tracy Beaker and I’m Back!!

In this really cool new DVD, I’m back at the ‘Dumping Ground’ except this time I’m working there as an assistant care worker; how crazy is that?! As usual, things get really complicated, like when I get arrested…and that’s just the beginning! So you’ll see, with me back on the scene, there’s plenty more drama and fun times with Mike, Cam, Gina and all the gang!

Hey, and more amazing news – Tracy Beaker Returns was the winner of a British Academy Children’s Award for drama in 2010! We have also been shortlisted for Best Children’s Drama for The Royal Television Society and I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed on March 15th when the winner is announced. Go girl – here’s hoping for a double whammy!

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  • I really luv this n hav a fansite on Twitter called TBR_Fans follow if u like 🙂 x

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