Talk to Cherry about your body…BBC Three Media Request

Cherry Healey is presenting a new BBC Three documentary meeting seven women at different stages of life and talk to them about body image. The idea is to hear from a range of voices who ultimately represent what sort of a relationship British women have with their own bodies. We want the documentary to be positive, inspiring and thought provoking.

We are currently looking for women to get in touch and share their views and opinions and are particularly keen to hear from mothers with daughters who are perhaps starting to display body image awareness at a young age. Perhaps the mum herself is or was a big dieter or has body hang-ups that she has come to realise may be passed on to her daughter if she’s not careful. She may or may not have already taken steps to make sure that negative messages aren’t reinforced at home.

We are also looking to speak to new mums who are feeling the pressure to lose their pregnancy weight and may feel that the way they look is closely connected to their new role as a mother.

If you’re interested please

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