Lego more popular than ever

Have you been collecting Lego from the Sun and the News of the World over the last week? We’ve collected some of the sets and I’ve been stunned by the people who have been buying multiple sets: the woman in the shop reported that they weren’t allowed to set a limit and people have been buying 10 papers to get 10 toys to resell, then coming back in later with the vouchers from the papers to get 10 more! It is a great offer: just 30p for a small Lego set. And it has introduced us to Pirates of the Caribbean Lego too. Incidentally, if you wonder what my family looks like, check out the Lego family Chitty, above right.


By coincidence, we were sent a further Pirates of the Caribbean Lego set by the PR company this week too. Lego is an unbeatable game for my family, one of the few things that appeals to the 2 year old, the 5 year old and the 9 year old. It is great, regardless of gender. I’m not a big fan of Pirates of the Caribbean, but J, 5, is thrilled to have a Captain Jack pirate mini figure. It has also started us off collecting more of the mini figures you can get for £1.99 in sealed packets. We want a skateboarder, but have two ice-skaters so far, and a ‘musketeer’ who is busy battling the pirates!

Our Lego collection dates over 35-40 years as we still have lots of the pieces from Dh and my collections when we were children. I’m impressed that, unlike other plastic toys, Lego doesn’t seem to go brittle. It is interesting, though, to see how things have evolved from the ‘you can make everything from squares and rectangles’ approach to more and more custom pieces in a wider variety of shades. D’s Lego Harry Potter sets were the first really challenging sets we built as a family and I loved the little goblets, cats, turrets: all the little touches that really made the Lego set like the film. We even have the car that Ron and Harry drove, in the right shade of pale blue. I can’t imagine the change in mindset needed for the Lego set designers once they moved on from doing everything in red, yellow, blue, white and black cuboids!



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