Lifft Slings Goes Limited Edition

Lifft Slings, the only baby sling known to be scientifically proven to improve posture,  has launched five new Limited Edition colours as a website exclusive. Olive, Mocha, Soft Rose and Cool Amethyst are brand new colours and the 5th sling, black with green, is back by popular demand. All perfect for spring and summer babies.

The limited edition selection has all the important benefits of the original Lifft Sling such as

encouraging a natural style of parenting, being able to be used from birth right through to toddlerhood and

having no buckles clips or straps to do up. The only difference is the colour.

This exciting new initiative coincides with Lifft’s appearance on the BBC2 series,

‘Britain’s Next Big Thing’, which follows entrepreneurs on their journey to being stocked in well-known

high street names, including Boots, Liberty’s and Habitat. Appearing on a prime time BBC show has not only

lead to Lifft Slings becoming a high street brand, but it is also helping make it a household name.


The original sling colourways, Cocoa & Coral, Khaki & Black and Vanilla & Stone, are still available from independent baby stores and from along with a new navy colour exclusive to Boots Stores and



For more information, products and samples please contact Cream Communications on
0845 3889584 or email



More about Lifft Slings:

  • The Lifft sling is believed to be the only sling scientifically proven to improve posture as it encourages the baby’s weight to be spread evenly across the wearer’s body. Thus, using the Lifft Sling reduces sideways bending when walking and standing, reducing the potentially damaging load on the wearer’s lower back.
  • Lifft encourages a more natural style of parenting, and increased baby bonding due to the physical closeness experienced when wearing the sling, promoting bonding between the wearer and baby
  • Lifft is designed to fit the wearer as the fit of a baby sling is crucial to protect both the wearer’s and baby’s posture.  Therefore the sling is available in a multitude of sizes and styles, for both mums’ and dads’ shape (and taste!) – from 6 through to 22 for ladies, or S through to XL for men.
  • The Lifft sling is a great value-for-money accessory as it can be used in a range of positions, so it is suitable for your little one from birth right through to toddlerhood to approx 3 years of age(35lbs)  – and of course used again for any newborns to come!
  • Lifft Sling is machine washable and folds down to the size of a nappy, so can pop into any handbag.
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