‘Mum’s gone to Iceland …’

Lynda Harding, creative inventor of ewan the dream sheep™, while no stranger to awards and praise for her product, has learnt today that she is now to receive international recognition at the European Women Inventors and Innovators (EUWIIN) Awards in Reykjavik later this May.

Lynda will shortly be on her way to attend the prestigious award ceremony in Iceland, the bi-annual EUWIIN Exhibition and Conference (25 – 27 May) to accept this honour and is absolutely delighted. However, she will not be relaxing just yet as she has also been informed that she is in the running for the overall award of European Inventor of the Year 2011. Should she be announced as the lucky winner she will not only have the panel of judges to thank but also the people of easidream, her 6 children and of course, ewan himself.

Already a multi award winner, ewan the dream sheep™ from easidream®, has spent the year since his birth in 2010, sending sleepy babies and young children off to the land of nod. ewan™ is known for being not only an extremely adorable cuddly toy, but his soothing sounds, ‘womb-sequence’ and soft pink glow have contributed to his outstanding reputation for calming babies and helping to lull them into a long and peaceful sleep.

Lynda commented, ‘ewan™ and I could not be more excited about our trip to Iceland. We are extremely honoured by the European recognition award and thrilled to be finalists for European Inventor of the Year 2011. Fingers crossed that ewan will charm the judging panel, although I’m sure it will be a fantastic experience whatever the outcome.’

Lynda was a runner up in last year’s BusinessMums Conference awards



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