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I launched my business last year running Mum and Baby/Toddler holidays in

I am Rita Kobrak and am 43 years old and live in London, but aim to move to Italy in the next few years.

I worked as a self employed Tour manager, organizing and guiding tours of Europe ever since leaving university. I loved my job and all the travelling I did, but once I had my beautiful daughter 3 years ago, I realized it would be impossible t leave her for such long periods.(I was working in different countries of Europe for 8 months in a year)


I joined a great mum and baby club in London called Cupcake, and it was there, while talking to other mums that I came up with he idae of mum and baby holidays. My husband and I had bought and restored an old farmhouse in Tuscany with the intention of retiring there one day. We made it child friendly for our daughter, Alessia, so this was the ideal location for my mum and baby breaks. We have a massive mortgage on it so were already renting it out in the summer to help pay the mortgage.


I got together with apersonal trainer friend of mine and we do fitness weeks for mums and yoga/cooking breaks. On the fitness breaks there are

4 fun varied fitness classes for mums daily and on the last breaks all mums lost some weight.Mums get to relax, get fit and healthy while we look after their babies and toddlers. We do and crafts with them and Italian songs and baby dance. We have healthy meals prepared by myself and my lovely neighbour , who used to cook in a restaurant. She shows the mums lots of Tuscan dishes and even how to make thier own pasta. On one of the days we visit the market and medieval town of Anghiari and on another day the mums can have spa treatments. I love this small business that I have created as I still get to organise and travel, but the best part is I can take my daughter with me.


The challenges I have found are the marketing side which is all new to me and actually getting the guests to pay.Mums often love the idea and want to come , but with one thing and the other change their mind so I hvae ended up doimg a couple of breaks with only 3 mums , but I still run them..I would say to anyone intending to start their own business , just do it and to really love what you do and be passionate about it as this keeps you going when the money is low. I obviously want to make money and have lots of ideas for different breaks at the villa, but I am happy to keeo the prices low for the moment and my real aim is to help mums have a great holiday with their little ones, make friends and feel good about themselves.

For weekly villa rentals


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